Your Fall Protection Is Falling Short

You're spending your time, money, and energy on fall protection that exposes your workers and your business.

No Fall Protection

OSHA requires fall protection for workers at heights. Falls are the leading cause of accidental deaths and injuries. on the job, behind auto accidents.

Unprotected Installer

OSHA requires fall protection for installers of fall protection. Allowance for first man up to not have fall protection is only allowed for inspectors.

Fake Fall Protection

Is your fall protection so difficult your workers won't use it properly? They disconnect from their lifeline or create an extra long lifeline that won't protect them.

Nails and Screws Damage Roofs

Roof penetrations increase the chances of leaky roofs and damage to your customer's property exposing, your business to costly claims.

Swing Falls from single point anchors

Swing falls are often a result from single point anchors that allow swing falls hazards that are so bad that the user can strike the ground.

Multi-Employer Citation Policy

With OSHA's Multi-Employer Citation Policy, subcontractors, general contractors and some property owners are subject to fines and lawsuits up to and over a million dollars.

The Ballantyne Gear Solution


work system with fall protection

Get work done fast and easy

Swing falls avoided

The Ballantyne Gear Eveook system is easily installed in less than 15 minutes. The horizontal anchor line with adjustable lifelines can be used to avoid swing falls and keep workers in travel restraint.

Installer is Protected

Workers can easily install their fall protection without getting on the roof, protecting them from fall hazards resulting in injuries and death, and protecting your business from devastating fines and lawsuits.

No Roof Penetrations

Customers do not want holes in their roof! Protect their property and they will reward you with loyalty and referrals.

Protection on Ladder

In the image you can see a worker carrying a 65" x 39" solar panel while attached to a lifeline that will restrict a free fall to not more than two feet.

Fall protection from ground to Roof

Worker is protected from the ladder to the roof, one of the most dangerous places to be.

Protect up to 8 users

...with our UHMWPE rope that is as strong as a steel cable.


"The introduction of the Eveook fall restraint and arrest system has revolutionized the way we approach our solar rooftop installations. It is an invaluable asset that not only safeguards our workers, but also contributes to a more efficient and successful project."

-Jaime Hernandez (Safety Engineer) and Jasept Barriere (Asst. Safety Engineer) at City of Los Angeles - Department of Water and Power

City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Los Angeles, CA

"As I got the opportunity to experience and train with the Ballantyne Gear System, I realized that this safety equipment is a game changer. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ballantyne and could see the passion he has for safety. This product also proves to be very beneficial as it does not require any mounting or drilling into the customer’s home, reducing leak liability concerns."

Sunnova Energy
Houston, TX

"Our team participated in a two-day training with Ballantyne Gear and left extremely confident on how to utilize the fall protection system. Their team is very knowledgeable and experienced with assisting on specific roof applications. Training was hands-on and paced appropriately. While the system is extremely user friendly, the training gave our team insight on utilization. I cannot recommend the system and training highly enough!"

Adam Sartin, President Christmas Décor by My Ground Crew

Christmas Decor
Los Angeles, CA

"Ballantyne Gear is a great, well designed, innovative product. Our production manager and two of our foreman flew down to Dallas last week and went through their training and were thouroughly impressed. They came away with how to safely, correctly, effectively and efficiently use their product. They now feel ready and confident to use Ballantyne Gear on our clients roofs with 100% fall protection. I feel good knowing my staff will be safe and more productive and despite the expense we ordered another kit today. It is well worth the money spent to have the peace of mind, that, "they are safe today".

Naylor Landscape Management
Los Angeles, CA

"The rodent guys with my pest control company are on roofs everyday doing what they do. Eveook is the perfect system to have my guys do the job they need to do with a safe and easy to use fall protection system."

Jeremy Logsdon, Owner

Preventive Pest Control Houston East
Houston, TX

Flent has put an amazing amount of effort into the safety factors associated with the Eveook components, particularly the casting. I work with cast aircraft structure components that do not have safety factors as high!

Randy Oehrlein, Chief Engineer

Carley Foundry
Blaine, MN

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